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Founded out of the desire to address some of the biggest unmet needs in the mental health field for both practitioners and the public at large. We provide accessible psychotherapy services in San Francisco and the East Bay. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


Our Programs

Bay Area Integrative Counseling (BAIC) is committed to providing innovative programs, healing for the community, and to ensuring sustainable livelihoods for our practitioners. We accomplish our mission through our interconnected programs:



Providing psychotherapy by licensed and pre-licensed clinicians to individuals, couples, and families through one-on-one sessions, group process/therapy, educational programs and workshops. We offer ongoing training programs to our clinicians.

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Many youth from marginalized communities experience tremendous amounts of trauma over the course of their upbringing. These youth are often resistant to and uninspired by traditional methods of talk therapy. This program applies a custom designed curriculum using the cutting-edge modality of Hip-Hop Therapy to bridge this gap and provide effective trauma informed services for this often underserved population. The program utilizes a group therapy model implemented in settings such as after-school programs and juvenile justice facilities, and incorporates both group process as well as the collaborative creation of original music.

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(First project: "The Sundance" launches June 2018) In some cases what a person is searching for in their healing process and personal development is more than what the mental health field can offer. The Lightwork Project organizes retreats, lectures, and events involved with indigenous elders. We also support individual projects involving indigenous healing modalities and spiritual traditions. Through this program  individuals will be introduced to spiritual traditions and ceremonies that have been practiced by indigenous lineages spanning back thousands of years. We believe that it only takes a small number of powerful "light workers" to make an enormous difference in our world.

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(Launches February 2018) This is our evidence based, comprehensive program for working with those suffering from severe mental illness, particularly those that are rotating in and out of homelessness, emergency rooms, and the criminal justice system. We work towards keeping these individuals in housing and supporting them in living stable and independent lives.

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Our sister organization will soon conduct much of the fundraising activity for BAIC programs and for others. The LIVI Foundation seeks to support human development and health through organizations and programs that are trying on new ways to solve the challenges in their communities. They are here to support those that are resourcing very new or reviving very old methods that engender healing, nurture human potential and encourage upward mobility. The Foundation's areas of particular interest are: mental health, alternative and traditional healing practices, and fair trade programs. 

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