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Founded out of the desire to address some of the biggest unmet needs in the mental health field for both practitioners and the public at large. We provide accessible psychotherapy services in San Francisco and the East Bay. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Holistic Practitioners

We believe that there are many inroads to healing, whether it be psychotherapy or another discipline. New and current clients may need something different than what our therapists can offer. When they do we have our holistically oriented affiliate practitioners to treat areas that are outside of our specialty. We are currently at the beginning phase of building this team and our ranks of holistically oriented affiliate practitioners will continue to grow as we continue to build new relationships in our community.


Jeff Lehman, NLP Coach

Jeff is a certified as a master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, having graduated from the NLP Program in July of 2014 from NLP Marin. He assists people in living out their dreams and moving through the stuck places in their lives by using the power of our brains to work for us rather than against us. He helps people that feel stuck in their family relationships, romantic relationships or career to make the changes that will move them toward the life they really want. He also helps people overcome phobias, such as spiders, heights, public speaking and small spaces. And, using family constellation work he helps people heal their relationships which can hold unconscious obligations that have negative effects in the present. In his own personal practice, Jeff is a person of faith with Mennonite ancestry and is also deeply involved with indigenous practices, primarily of the Amazonian and Andean lineages. 

Specialties: phobias, irrational fears, relationships, motivation, career challenges, faith related issues, changing maladaptive habits & behaviors

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