Bay Area Integrative Counseling

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Founded out of the desire to address some of the biggest unmet needs in the mental health field for both practitioners and the public at large. We provide accessible psychotherapy services in San Francisco and the East Bay. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


Accessible mental health programs and services for the San Francisco Bay Area


Our Mission

Striving to collaboratively advance our field with holistically oriented programs while removing the barriers between competent and compassionate mental health services and those that need it the most in our community. 


Who We Work With

We provide psychotherapy, coaching and counseling to adults, children, transitional aged youth, couples and families. We provide tools to manage anxiety, depression and stress, and offer crisis intervention as well as cognitive, spiritual, and emotional healthcare and education through ongoing groups and workshops.
We are dedicated to providing the greater Bay Area with accessible counseling services that integrate a variety of psychotherapy approaches. 

Our Methodology

With a strong belief that the effectiveness of healing is defined by the quality of the clinician and the therapeutic relationship, we promote a range of treatment modalities. Our director will match new clients with the therapist that will best suit their needs. Our therapists include evidence based or evidence verified practices , such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as a holistic approach in treatment. The holistic approach utilizes traditional and non-traditional methods to address the person ‘as a whole,’ integrating mind, body and spirit to help achieve the deepest level of healing possible. Somatic and Transpersonal traditions, for example, recognize that body and spirit are just as important as the brain, that feeling is just as important as thinking. Holistically oriented therapists are often more process-oriented than technique-oriented. Our motto is that the process of healing is complex and varied; if it works, we will use it.

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